My first steps to break out.

Well, if youre too scared to tell anyone, then dont make it your first step. First try:

1. If on this wiki, report to me.

2. If not on this wiki, report to the founder or an admin.

3. If you are already admin, block them yourself, leave me a note, and keep them blocked until I reply.

4. Tell them how you feel, these type of sentances to a bully is called and I message, where you talk in a calm way about how you (the victim) feels. 

5. If that does not calm them down, tell them that they cannot talk to them and you wont talk to them until proper action is made.

6. Draw your favourite falvour ice-cream on a paint app or something, then send the picture to them saying Heres an Ice-Cream! Thets put this behind us! Cheers!

7. If that does not settle it, change your account name (if possible), Password, and avatar. Hopefully they will not be able to find a way to talk to you.